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Now with transactions, automatic indexing, and 100 % concurrency for reads, the primary emphasis of version 4 development has been to bring AllegroGraph triple/quad store technology to the Enterprise. The following tutorials and new documents cover using the new features. Code examples are included with the individual clients, which can be downloaded from here.

For the complete AllegroGraph documentation set, please refer to here.

AllegroGraph 3.3 Java Learning Center

AllegroGraph 3.3 Java Examples

This Learning Center is designed to facilitate understanding of RDF database technologies and best practices for AllegroGraph. It contains examples for working with RDF triples, triple stores, server management, querying with SPARQL, reasoning with RDFS++ and Prolog, Federating triple stores, the Jena API, the Sesame 2.x Sail API, and applications involving Geospatial, Temporal and Social Network Analysis.

The examples can be freely downloaded (as an Eclipse project archive: AllegroGraphExamples-3.3.jar) and easily imported into Eclipse allowing you to experiment with the Java version of AllegroGraph, including the Free Edition. Please note that while we publish the source code for the examples on the web for convenience, it is recommended that you download the jar (rather than copying-and-pasting them individually from the web) to obtain data sets that are necessary to run the examples and supporting files such as and

Questions? Are there additional examples you would like to see on the Learning Center? Please send comments, requests, suggestions to You can review recent changes in the Change Log.

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