Running in Eclipse

NOTE: the information on this page pertains to AllegroGraph version 3.x. There is no corresponding 4.x page at this time.

The java examples can be run in the Eclipse IDE as follows. If you have not yet built the project in Eclipse, please do so now.

In Eclipse:

  • Preamble: Before running the examples, you will need to ensure that:
    1. Paths in src/com/franz/ag/examples/ have been properly configured for your system. The defaults may suffice for running in Eclipse, but if you encounter problems, verify these paths.
    2. You have started an appropriate AllegroGraph server. The default server suffices for most of the examples, but a few of them require that a server be started listening on a non-default port 4126.
    3. The console view is available in Eclipse. Example outputs are displayed in the console. If you do not see a console view in Eclipse, you can enable it by selecting the menu item Window->Show View->Console.
  • Choose an example in the src folder and open it. A simple example to start with is In all cases you should read the source code to learn what the example is doing before running it.
  • The first time you Run (or Debug) an example you will need to set up a new launch configuration for it in Run->Open Run Dialog .... Most of the examples run with no arguments. You can specify any required arguments in this dialog.

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