Updating an installation

NOTE: the information on this page pertains to AllegroGraph version 3.x. There is no corresponding 4.x page at this time.

On Windows

In the AllegroGraph Free Server Edition Start menu list, select Update AllegroGraph.

On Mac OS X and other Unix Platforms

In the AllegroGraph installation directory there is an application called updater that you can run to download the latest patches. When you do, the output of the program will look something like this:

peep% ./updater  
;; Connecting to http://www.franz.com/ftp/pub/patches/.  
;; Reading CRC cache...done.  
;; Checking for new update.fasl.  
;; Retrieving list of available patches.  
;; Checking which patches need to be downloaded.  
downloading: update/agraph/3.3/DESCRIPTIONS  
downloading: update/agraph/3.3/pfo013.001 (compressed)  
;; Creating CRC cache (please wait)...done.  
***** NOTE: You must restart the AllegroGraph server for the newly  
	downloaded updates to be installed.  

In the above case, the line of interest is the one that references update/agraph/3.3/pfo013.001.

Remember to restart your server after running the updater. Updates are loaded at server start time only.

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