Overview of RDFS++

NOTE: the information on this page pertains to AllegroGraph version 3.x. There is no corresponding 4.x page at this time.

Description logic or OWL reasoners are good at handling (complex) ontologies, they are usually complete (give all the possible answers to a query) but totally unpredictable with respect to execution time when the number of individuals increases beyond millions.

AllegroGraph's RDFS++ reasoning supports all the RDFS predicates and some of OWL's. It is not complete but it has predictable and fast performance. Here are the supported predicates:

  • rdf:type
  • rdfs:subClassOf
  • rdfs:domain and rdfs:range
  • rdfs:subPropertyOf
  • owl:sameAs
  • owl:inverseOf
  • owl:TransitiveProperty

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