Learning Center Change Log

Changes from 3.1.1 to 3.2

  • Added this Learning Center Change Log
  • AllegroGraph Base examples now appear in com.franz.agbase.examples package (formerly in com.franz.ag.examples) and correspond to the 3.2 api in com.franz.agbase
  • Jena and Sesame examples are now bundled along with the Base examples in AllegroGraphExamples-3.2.jar and appear in the com.franz.agjena.examples and com.franz.ag.repository.examples packages, respectively.
  • Supporting jars for Jena 2.5.6 and Sesame 2.2.4 are now included with the examples.
  • Added examples for loading RDF/XML files using Rapper, loading from a Gzip file, and efficiently loading from multiple RDF/XML files or URLs.
  • Update all examples to use the new ValueSetIterator class.
  • Update all Prolog examples to use the new addPrologRule method, and added a Prolog query planner example.
  • Added examples for building and querying a LUBM 8000 store.
  • Added an example for binding variables in a SPARQL query.
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