Building from a Command Line

NOTE: the information on this page pertains to AllegroGraph version 3.x. There is no corresponding 4.x page at this time.

Below are instructions for building examples from the command line on various platforms.

Please note that the Learning Center examples are not intended to be treated as command line utilities; rather, they are best understood by first reading through the source code to learn what the example does, and then running it to see the output. Java developers may prefer an IDE such as Eclipse for this purpose.

Open a shell (command prompt) and cd to a convenient directory for unpacking and building the examples.

On Mac OS X and other Unix Platforms

$ mkdir agexamples
$ cd agexamples
$ jar xvf [AllegroGraphInstallation]/doc/learning/AllegroGraphExamples-3.3.jar
$ javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib/*" src/com/franz/agbase/examples/*.java
$ javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib/*" src/com/franz/agjena/examples/*.java
$ javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib/*" src/com/franz/ag/repository/examples/*.java
The .class files will now be available in the bin directory.

On Windows

C:\tmp>mkdir agexamples
C:\tmp>cd agexamples
C:\tmp\agexamples>jar xvf [AllegroGraphInstallation]\doc\learning\AllegroGraphExamples-3.3.jar
C:\tmp\agexamples>javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib\*" src\com\franz\agbase\examples\*.java
C:\tmp\agexamples>javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib\*" src\com\franz\agjena\examples\*.java
C:\tmp\agexamples>javac -d bin -sourcepath src -cp "lib\*" src\com\franz\ag\repository\examples\*.java
The .class files will now be available in the bin directory.

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