AllegroGraph - Free, Developer*, and Enterprise* Edition Downloads and Cloud Services


Cloud Services Hosted AllegroGraph NEW Free version available!
Enterprise Coming Soon!
AWS Marketplace AWS Marketplace Free and Enterprise Versions available
Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace Free and Enterprise Versions available
agraph-8.2.0-1.x86_64.rpm Installation, 64-bit required
agraph-8.2.0-linuxamd64.64.tar.gz Installation, 64-bit required
Docker AllegroGraph AllegroGraph on Docker Hub Documentation
MMR Replication Clusters in Kubernetes AllegroGraph on Docker Hub Documentation
AllegroGraph Virtual Machine (size: 3 GB)
  • Ubuntu username: franz, password: allegrograph
  • Windows: read the important note about unzipping
  • SHA256 checksum
AllegroGraph Clients
Java, Python, Lisp, Ruby, Perl, C#, Others AllegroGraph Clients
Gruff Gruff - Mac, Windows, Linux Documentation
Gruff Demo - No Download required.
Command Line Interface
agtool-8.2.0-linuxamd64.64.tar.gz Documentation
Learning Center
Examples Examples Github repo Documentation
Python Tutorials Tutorials Github repo Documentation

* Developer and Enterprise Editions - After installation, please read about license key installation to unlock additional features.

Things to know before you start...

  • The AllegroGraph Database server runs natively on various x86-64 Linux distributions. The various clients run on assorted platforms.
    To run AllegroGraph you will need to:
    • Download and install AllegroGraph on an x86-64 Linux operating system.
    • Download and install your preferred language client; AGWebView or Gruff, included with the AllegroGraph installation, turns a browser into a client.
  • [Windows and Mac Users]To run AllegroGraph on Windows or Mac we provide a few options:
    • NEW! Use our new Hosted AllegroGraph service (see above)
    • Use Docker and the AllegroGraph image on Docker Hub (see above).
    • Run Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)on Windows 10 or 11.
    • Use a cloud service provider (see above)
    • Install a Linux Virtual Machine (for non-performance experiments). We provide a Virtual Machine image or you can create your own.
  • For system configuration guidelines, please refer to the AllegroGraph Perfomance Tuning page here.

Archived AllegroGraph versions

You can download archived versions here.

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