AllegroGraph Free Server Edition Downloads

Things to know before you start...

  • Allegro CL Express users should read about using the Express Edition with AllegroGraph.
  • For system configuration guidelines, please refer to the AllegroGraph Perfomance Tuning page here.
  • The AllegroGraph Server runs natively on Linux x86-64 bit. The various clients run on assorted 32 and 64 bit platforms. For Linux, you will need to:
    • download and install AllegroGraph (Ubuntu - use tar.gz, Fedora - use .rpm or tar.gz),
    • download and install whichever of the associated clients you want; you need at least one client, but AGWebView, included with the AllegroGraph installation, turns a browser into a client.
  • Run AllegroGraph on Amazon's EC2 Service.
  • [Windows and Mac Users] To run AllegroGraph on other operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac) we suggest you set up a Linux Virtual Machine for non-performance experiments. We provide a Virtual Machine image to help facilitate this installation or you can create one on your own. To create the Virtual Machine using our image:
    • ensure you have x86-64 capable hardware (your native OS can be 32-bit),
    • download and install the VMware player for your operating system (links below), and
    • download and install the AllegroGraph Virtual Machine (more information).


AllegroGraph Server
64-bit Linux
agraph-6.6.0-1.x86_64.rpm Installation
AllegroGraph Server
64-bit Linux
agraph-6.6.0-linuxamd64.64.tar.gz Installation
AllegroGraph Clients AllegroGraph Clients
Gruff Gruff Documentation
Docker AllegroGraph ---- Instructions
AllegroGraph Virtual Machine (size: 3 GB)
Installation -- be sure to read the important note about unzipping -- SHA256 checksum

After installation, please read about license key installation.

Archived versions

You can download archived versions here.

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