This document lists all changes in the current release, which is 8.2.0.

See the Recent Release Notes documents for the release notes for versions 8.1.0/8.1.1/8.1.2 and 8.0.0/8.0.1/8.0.2 and some earlier releases.

Change History repeats the list of user-visible modifications for this release and includes similar lists for all earlier releases.

Release 8.2.0

This is a major release with significant new features, as well as other improvements and bug fixes. These changes include:

A list of all significant user-visible changes is below.

Database internal format is unchanged from version the previous version (8.1.x)

Release 6.4.6 had a different internal format. All releases since then have the same internal format. This means version 6.5.0 through 8.1.x repositories can be directly loaded into version 8.2.0 without upgrading. Note that backing up repositories before loading them into a new version is always recommended. Once a database has been used in a later release, it cannot be used in an earlier release regardless of whether or not the database format is the same. Upgrading is discussed in the Repository Upgrading document.

Version 8.2.0 Admin notes

There are no additional admin notes for release 8.2.0.

Version 8.2.0 Programmer notes

User-visible changes version 8.2.0

AllegroGraph Server: General Changes

AG-802 - allow creating triples at JSO tree leaves in load-transform

It is now possible to create load-transform triples with subjects made from the leaf values in the JSON tree. For example, given the document

{ "name": "Jack", "location": "Boston" } 

transform rules


will create two triples

_:b0 <> <>  
<> rdf:type <> 

Before this change, the second triple would be missing.

AG-840 - do not abort load-transform operation on JSON key lookup failures

Loading JSON documents using transform rules used to signal errors when a transform template contained keys that were missing in the objects being processed. This made it hard to load documents which contained sets of non-uniform objects (e.g. objects with optional fields etc), so this has been changed to silently skip the failed rules instead.

HTTP Client

No significant changes.


AG-817 - new :/kw: default abbreviations for the keyword namespace

New default namespaces abbreviations : and kw: have been added, pointing to the keyword namespace ( This makes it more convenient to use named arguments for magic properties. Since default namespace abbreviations have the lowest priority level, this change will not interfere with any user-defined abbreviations. To accomodate this, the default prefix for the virtual alias namespace has been changed from : to alias:. See Keyword Syntax for Magic Predicates for more information.


AG-401 - Move the "Shutdown repository instance" button in the Repository Control page

Before 8.2.0, in New WebView the "Shutdown repository instance" button was part of the "Archive" group in the Repository Control page. Now, it's lifted outside of the group to the top level, to the bottom of the list.

AG-784 - fix missing language after visiting a query link

This change fixes a bug where the language of a query is not set when users navigate to a query link.

AG-783 - fix downloading of prolog query results

Fixed an error on downloading Prolog query results from WebView (both traditional and new).

AG-397 - implement "rename" and "save as" options for queries

Before 8.2.0, in New Webview users could only delete a saved query. Now, they can rename a query or save it as a new query.

AG-821 - web UI for agtool llm split

AG-804 - Chatbots configuration creation/copying/editing/deletion

Introduced new features for enhanced Chatbot management:

AG-805 - a new "Chat Bot" type in query tabs

Introduced a new "Chat bot" query tab:

AG-873 - a new scope to save queries across all repositories for a user

There were 2 scopes for saving queries:

  1. User query. The saved query is available for the current user and only in the current repo.
  2. Repo query. The saved query is available for any user and only in the current repo.

This change introduces the 3rd type. It's "User query for all repositories". The saved query is available for the current user in any repository.

AG-876 - add new fields for saved queries and search over them


AG-897: jsonl input format support for agtool load

AllegroGraph's load-transform functionality supports both JSON and JSONLines formats, and it should be possible to specify either json or jsonl as the value for the --input argument, but the handling of the jsonl value was broken and agtool load would fallback to the regular JSON parser, which would only parse the first JSON object and skip the rest. This has been fixed and

agtool load --input jsonl ... 

now works as described in the documentation.

The workaround for older AllegroGraph releases is to use --input guess (or just skip the --input argument) to let agtool load guess the format based on the file extension (.jsonl).

AG-895: lineparse section header for embedding is now "embed"

The "agtool llm index .." command computes and stores embeddings in a vector database based on a lineparse file of directives. The lineparse file used to begin with a section heading of "gpt" but now that section header is "embed" to better describe the purpose of the directives.

The old section header name "gpt" will still work as before however one is advised to update it to "embed".

See the LLM embed practical example.

Changes to the Lisp API

Two additional vector triple store functions were added: vector-store-object-embedding and convert-to-vector-triple-store


No significant changes.


No significant changes beyond documentation of new features and expanded New WebView documentation.

Distributed AllegroGraph

No significant changes.

User-visible changes in earlier releases

See Release Notes for Recent Versions for changes in recent releases and Change History for user-visible changes to all earlier releases.