Lineparse is a new configuration file format used in various places in AllegroGraph. It is a very simple general purpose format that doesn't have strict whitespace rules unlike formats like YAML.

Carriage returns are ignored in files. Linefeeds (or an EOF) indicate the end of lines. This avoids bogus ends of lines that might be introduced, particularly on Windows.


A lineparse file consists of a sequence of lines which either specify the beginning of a section or specify an item within the current section.

Each use of a lineparse file as a configuration file has its own rules about what sections are allowed and what items are allowed in a each section and what arguments are permitted for each item.

The file consists of a sequence of lines, each ended by a newline or a semicolon or EOF. After a semicolon the following characters constitute another line (thus a single physical line may contain multiple lineparse lines).

The character # starts a comment and any characters (including semicolons and double quotes) following a # up to a newline or an EOF are part of the comment and ignored when processing the lineparse file.

These characters have a special meaning:

This is similar to the shell processing of arguments but much more limited.

One difference from Lisp is that "a b c"^^xsd:string is a single word and identical to "a b c^^xsd:string". This is similar to how the shell parses arguments.

In lineparse format each line contains zero or more whitespace separated words.


foo arg1 arg2; bar  # comment text which may include ;, # or " but not newline 

is two lineparse lines and is the same as

foo arg1 arg2; bar 


foo arg1 arg2  

Double quotes or a backslash are used to escape otherwise special characters

So the holiday item below

holiday "Christmas Eve" Christmas New\ Year's\ Day 

has three arguments:

Christmas Eve  
New Year's Day  

It's possible to have an empty string as an argument

 foo   a b\ c "" d      e 

has arguments

b c     <-- string with embedded whitespace  
<empty string>  

Currently lineparse is used to define Fedshard definitions and AllegroGraph users and roles.

Lineparse is not used in the agraph.cfg file. Its format is unchanged.