Gruff is a graph visualization and graphical query builder designed to work with AllegroGraph. It is available as a standalone application (see the Gruff page on the AllegroGraph website) and it will run in a browser.

To start Gruff in a browser, open New WebView or Traditional WebView by specifying the scheme, host, and port in a browser:


HOST can be localhost if the browser is run on the host or if local forwarding is set up. NNNNN is the port number, specified when AllegroGraph was installed. The scheme is http or https.

Linking to Gruff from traditional AGWebView is described in the Gruff in a Browser section in the traditional AGWebView document.

There are links to Gruff on the Catalog Page (see the Catalog Page in the AGWebView document) and on the Repository Page (see the Repository Overview Page in the AGWebView document).

Gruff links in New WebView

There is a different arrangement in New WebView, where the Gruff link is on the left, under the list of menus.

Gruff-related configuration directives

The following configuration directives affect Gruff in AllegroGraph. Configuration directives are listed in the Server Configuration and Control document.

Managing Gruff in AllegroGraph with agtool

agtool is a command-line utility for performing a variety of operations on an AllegroGraph server or repository. Its gruff commands allow users to install and uninstall Gruff versions, to check for new versions available for installation, and to make a specific version the active one (that is, the one that comes up when initiated from AGWebView).

agtool gruff cannot be used to start Gruff in a browser. That must be done from AGWebView (see the Gruff in a Browser page in the AGWebView document).


agtool gruff --help 

for information on using agtool gruff.

Gruff versions can be:

The command

agtool gruff list [available | installed] 

lists available or installed versions (according to which argument is supplied). The list of installed version indicates which is active.

New versions of Gruff can be integrated with AllegroGraph as they are released. There is no need to wait for a new version of AllegroGraph.