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CREWS: Planning and Management of Staff

UPDATE - A presentation on SISCOG's Lisp applications was given at the ECLM'13 conference, the presentation slides are available here.

As transport liberalisation grows worldwide, promoting the separation between operation and infrastructure management, companies face increased competitive pressure due to the entrance of new players in to the market and a trend for consolidation. This pressure calls for operational effectiveness and agility, and, as a result, productivity and optimisation of resources get unprecedented attention. One of the main issues that companies have to address is crew planning and management, a task known to be labor-intensive and complex.

CREWS provides solutions to this core problem that transportation companies face today - effective planning and management of the work of crew members. CREWS addresses, in an integrated way, all phases of the planning and management process - long-term planning (duty and roster planning), short-term planning (staff allocation and changes to the plan), real-time management, and controlling the work done. CREWS enables quick and efficient planning and management staff, provides fast responses to train and crew changes, minimises crew-related train disruptions, and provides evaluation of strategic options.

At any stage of the process, the integration of a very powerful optimiser with the possibility of manual intervention provides an un-precedent power and flexibility that are unmatched by any other system in the market. The modularity of CREWS enables transportation companies to introduce different components in their process at their own pace. Aside from being powerful, CREWS-based solutions can be fully customised to the reality of each individual company.

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