Mechanical CAD

  • Bentley Systems, Incorporated and Design Parametrics
    Application: Design++
    Bentley uses Allegro CL's Dynamic Objects technology in its Design++ product, an object model-based engineering system; and its PlantWise product, a conceptual plant design software system built on top of Design++. Design++ enables engineers involved with plant, building and equipment design to create intelligent object models that automatically generate complex 3D designs, materials and cost reports, and fully annotated design drawings.

  • Design Parametrics
    Application: BeamWise
    BeamWise is a set of software tools and related services for the design of biophotonic and other complex optical systems. BeamWise is implemented using Design++, a knowledge-based engineering platform that significantly simplifies the capture of in-house engineering expertise and streamlines integration of legacy systems into design automation and product configuration solutions.

  • Fast-Square Italia srl
    Application: Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO)
    Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) is an Optimization software application for Steel Service Centers, which helps human programmers generate Optimized Cutting Patterns for Slitting and Cut-To-Length machines, minimizing Trim-Loss (Scrap) and Set-up time.

  • Genworks International
    Application: GDL/GWL (General-purpose Declarative Language and Generative Web Language)
    GDL/GWL (General-purpose Declarative Language and Generative Web Language) is a Knowledge Base development environment that features an integrated web server-based user interface. GDL/GWL provides a complete environment for the development of business and engineering applications, covering areas traditionally serviced by specialized KBE (Knowledge-based Engineering), ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), and CRM (Customer Relations Management) software packages.

  • Knowledge Technologies International (KTI, formerly Concentra)
    Application: ICAD
    ICAD is an object-oriented engineering software solution for the aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, and construction industries. KTI's customers are able to close the design technology gap by automating the concept phase of a new design project, where 80% of the project cost gets committed. By capturing the knowledge of project engineers in a Dynamic Objects modeling language, ICAD enables engineers to truly automate all repetitive tasks, build applications that capture best practices, and institutionalize routine operations to create a 'virtual product model' that can be reused for future projects.

  • MTU Aero Engines
    Application: EXAMPLE
    MTU Aero Engines is Germany's leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. They have started a European research project called EXAMPLE. The main objective of the EXAMPLE project is to improve the design and analysis processes for the air passage of aircraft engines by enhancing the existing mathematical technology using the new approach of Isogeometric Analysis (IGA). One of the goals of EXAMPLE is to use new geometry representations developed in Allegro CL for generating turbine part geometries.

  • Parametric Technologies Corporation
    Application: Pro/ENGINEER
    Pro/ENGINEER is the de facto standard for mechanical design automation—based on a parametric, feature-based, fully associative architecture—that delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for all areas of the development process, from a product's conceptual design and simulation through manufacturing.

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