Intelligent Agents

  • Air Force Research Laboratory
    Application: Synthetic Teammate
    The Synthetic Teammate project (Ball et aI., 2010) is an early applied research project aimed at research and development of language and task enabled constructive entities that can function as synthetic teammates in Air Force relevant team training simulations. The research is primarily supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory, 711th Human Performance Wing, Human Effectiveness Directorate, Warfighter Readiness Research Division. Cognitive Engineering Research on Team Tasks (CERTT) is the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) simulation in which the Synthetic Teammate is being integrated. The Synthetic Teammate functions as the pilot, interacting with a human navigator and photographer to perform a series of 40-minute reconnaissance missions.

  • EDS, an HP Company
    Application: NewSuperAgent
    NewSuperAgent is specialized to handle tasks related to EDSf axsRes airline reservation processes. However, the concept of screen-scraping and generating messages allows its use wherever repetitive tasks occur, particularly in a hosted mainframe environment. In every facet of our lives we are faced with tasks that repeat themselves day in, day out. NewSuperAgent screen-scrapes your applications for standard situations and generates the appropriate entries to solve the issue according to pre-defined rules, just like any human being would do.

  • Fujitsu Limited
    INTERSTAGE AGENTPRO is an Enterprise Information Integration (EII) infrastructure solution based on the latest agent-based concepts from "Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents" (FIPA) and the production proven technologies from Fujitsu. It allows data sources from databases and applications to dynamically advertise their content, ensuring queries to data sources to obtain the most current information. It can create single virtual integrated database from multiple heterogeneous databases and applications with different ontologies (teminologies). Using INTERSTAGE CORBA infrastructure as its backbone, AGENTPRO application can be:

    • Modeled client/server framework
    • Built with industry standard language-independent OO tools and techniques
    • Deployed anywhere in the Internet or Intranet.

  • UTC - Universite de Technologie Compiegne
    Application: OMAS - Open Multi-Agent System
    OMAS is a multi-agent platform derived from a number of previous research projects and teaching courses. OMAS design goals tried to answer the problems of architecture, skill definition, protocol implementation, ontologies, dialog using natural language, and debugging, so as to simplify the work of an application designer. OMAS uses a "plug in" type approach offering a model of generic cognitive agent. Agents are of three types: service, personal assistants and transfer. They are organized as coteries, meaning that each agent sees all messages. Agents have separate ontologies and tasks models. Agents are multi-threaded and can execute several tasks concurrently. Personal assistants have prototype dialogs and vocal interface.

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