Data Mining and Integration

  • 2Is Inc.
    Application: Oasis TM
    2Is Inc.'s Oasis is an integrated logistics decision support and verification toolset/framework. Rapid exploration of part data is an essential benefit of Oasis. The information needed to make a decision assessment is one-click away due to an integrated logistics database and architecture: Oasis provides a Population explorer, NSN explorer, a Report Card, and an Expert system for finding and analyzing inventory management condition exceptions. The expert system is grounded in the specific rules and terminology of the DoD supply chain.

  • Ascent Technology, Inc.
    Application: ARIS
    Ascent's ARIS® software provides real-time decision support for gate allocation, ground resource allocation, aircraft routing, tracking, and maintenance scheduling for clients in the air transportations industry. New, leading-edge airport facilities in Europe and Asia have chosen the ARIS resource allocation system for handling check-in counters, baggage belts, and other airport resources. Delta Air Lines uses Ascent's ARIS software to plan and monitor fuel use and wear on the airplane during taxiing.

  • Cadabra Inc. (Now GoTo Shopping)
    Application: Integrating Information from Databases and Web Pages
    The foundation of GoTo Shopping is a flexible data normalization technology called Dynamic Data Integration (DDI) which allows consumers to comparison-shop online using everyday shopping terminology and techniques.

  • Ibex Object Systems
    Application: ITASCA
    Ibex's ITASCA object-oriented database systems introduce new flexibility in information management for customers in manufacturing, aerospace, military, internet and multimedia publishing, finance, and other industry segments that are characterized by the need to manage complex and voluminous data.

  • PEPITe S.A.
    Application: DATAmaestro ® – DATAmaestro is a powerful cloud predictive analytics tool that will transform your enterprise data from complex problems to working solutions. One multi-dimensional tool to extract, analyze, select, filter, model and report. PEPITeĎ│ innovative DATAmaestro combines proven analytic tools with a powerful data management kernel. The business backbone of the product comprises leading data mining technologies, performance management, tailored key performance indicators, and automatic drill-down to solve problems based on facts.

    Application: PEPITO ® – A Unique Decision-Making application for large databases
    PEPITe S.A. develops a Data Mining solution to analyze complex processes by analyzing the data they generate. PEPITe's solution enables decision-makers to understand the past, diagnose the present, and anticipate the future of their business in order to manage it effectively and improve its profitability.

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