Natural Language Processing

  • Boeing Phantom Works
    Application: The Boeing Simplified English Checker (BSEC) is the oldest and best known example of a Controlled Language checker. BSEC helps technical writers check their documents for compliance with ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) Simplified Technical English, a writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation. It has been in production since 1990, and has been offered for sale outside of Boeing since 1999. Developed completely in Allegro CL, BSEC is used by aerospace companies throughout the world.

  • Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) and Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)
    Application: An Internet-based, English-Japanese machine translation system which used a Transfer-Driven Machine Translation engine. Enables users to access English-language science and technology papers published on the internet, free of charge.

  • University of Chicago Infolab
    Application: FAQFinder
    A knowledge-based information retrieval application developed by using Allegro CL, FAQFinder is a question-and-answer system that uses a natural language interface to search for information on FAQ lists found on the web. The FAQ lists are derived from USENET News Groups and comprise the groups' collective knowledge regarding popular topics. A user may ask a question in natural language, and FAQFinder will provide the FAQ file most likely to yield the answer, search through the file for similar questions and present the answers ordered according to likelihood of a match.

  • Mindmaker, Inc.
    Application: TopicHound and HighlightHound
    TopicHound is an automated, customizable document classifier that runs on the Windows 95/NT platform. It rapidly and intelligently analyzes documents, determines their topic, and sorts them into default or user-defined categories. Companies that own a server with high throughput will find TopicHound to be a useful alternative to manual classification. HighlightHound, which can be used effectively in conjunction with TopicHound, is an intelligent text highlighter and summarizer. Using complex algorithms, it selects only the most critical sentences in a document and can combine them into a handy summary.

  • Sony CSL
    Application: Language Analysis Project
    Sony C.S.L, an Independent Research Laboratory in Paris, France, researches the meaning of language, its origin and its evolution.

  • Stanford University
    Application: Common Music
    Common Music produces sound by transforming a high-level representation of musical structure into a variety of control protocols for sound synthesis and display: MIDI, Csound, Common Lisp Music, Music Kit, C Mix, C Music, M4C, RT, Mix and Common Music Notation. Common Music defines an extensive library of compositional tools and provides a public interface through which the composer may easily modify and extend the system.

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