Web Authoring

  • KPN Research
    Application: Portable Webpage Recommender System
    KPN Research used Lisp and Allegro CL to create a bookmark-based browser interface that could be tailored to provide recommendations of interesting web sites based on the their customers' interests and surfing patterns, yet was as easy to use as a television remote. The base technology for this product, a Recommender System, monitors user behaviour and generate recommendations of web pages for each user. This process consists of the following distinct parts: user profiling, content profiling and matching.

  • The Performing Graphics Company
    Application: Webmacs
    A real-time web authoring tool, Webmacs is a very agile graphical editor for Web pages. And Webmacs provides a complete environment for the creation and manipulation of text-graphic images during collaborative work. As a performing medium, Webmacs allows users to manually generate and manipulate text-graphic images very rapidly in a visual environment which supports document layout, hypermedia links, html authoring, email, scanned images, animations, and visual & textual programming. Webmacs is an extension of the vmacs text-graphic editor.

  • Schema GmbH
    Application: SchemaText
    SchemaText is a web page authoring tool to: change the background color or some other visual property of a specific subset of nodes in a large document without having to go over them one-by-one, change the order in nodes connected by the ubiquitous previous/next links without having to manually change 8 links in 5 nodes (this is the worst case) for each such reordering, visualize and represent the large-scale structure of a hyperdocument, manipulate the large-scale structure of a hyperdocument, create and maintain a site that is more than just a single hierarchy. SchemaText, a novel Object-Oriented WWW Authoring Environment that allows you to do all of the above and much more. With SchemaText you can construct and maintain large and complex electronic documents with high efficiency and unmatched quality.

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