Customer Testimonials

Our customers are our best reviewers. Here's what some of them have to say about Allegro CL, and about working with Franz Inc.

Lucent Technologies

We have been licensing Franz products at our site for 10 years to advance telephony and communication services concepts for Lucent Technologies, formerly AT&T Network Systems.

Franz support staff has been extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of their product line, and has always provided us with just in time solution to our more challenging questions.

Franz has also provided us with an outstanding delivery platform that seamlessly supports multi-vendors UNIX platforms. We were able to port a large application from Sun Microsystems to HP hardware in a matter of days in one instance.

"Start-ups and other companies who wish to minimize software projects crisis should seriously consider Franz products over the more "standard" approaches to deliver their software products on-time...

Franz was also the first vendor to provide us with a quality version of CLIM and Common Windows products for UNIX platforms. With these products we seamlessly reused our graphical applications across X Windows, Open Windows and Motif without even recompiling them!"

Olivier Clarisse
Design Supervisor
Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations

Aluminum Company of America

Our group at ALCOA builds complex engineering design software tools. These tools have a long development cycle from early prototypes to production system. The dynamic, object-oriented nature of Common Lisp has been very valuable in both the research stage of such systems as well as their long term support and enhancement.

Michael L. Harper
Staff Computer Scientist
Alcoa Technical Center
Aluminum Company of America


We had implemented older versions of the system in lots of different LispsGNU Common Lisp, LispWorks, and Lucidbut Allegro CL is the only Lisp that featured a CLOS implementation fast enough for us. We're a very heavy processor-intensive application, so we need the speed.

Dave Stringer-Calvert

GTE Internetworking (Powered by BBN)

I can honestly say that the Lisp CORBA bindings are the cleanest, simplest, and most elegant of any that I'm familiar with (Java, C++, Smalltalk); that the current ORBLink provides a robust and reliable implementation of most of CORBA (all of the commonly used features); and that the development team is quick to respond to bug reports and requests for the lesser used CORBA features that didn't make the first couple of releases.

R. Shapiro
GTE Internetworking

Synquiry Technology

I'm an experienced ORB user - [I've used] Orbix, Visibroker, Orbix Express the Lisp mapping is vastly simpler than any of the other ones. It's much easier to use. ORBLink is one of the best implementations that I've ever used. It's quite robust and efficient.

Jon Anthony
Synquiry Technology

University of Tsukuba, Japan

The most impressive thing about ACL is its stable multiprocessing functionality. I am happy to order another copy of ACL, CLIM, and Allegro Store.

Kazuhiko Kato
Assistant Professor
Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics
University of Tsukuba, Japan

BBN Domain

CLOS is a highly productive language. This high productivity is important to us, as we've got a small team and we need to do things quickly. With Allegro CL, we find that we consistently meet our schedule deadlines.

Karl Haberl
Manager of Data Analysis Products
Domain Solutions Corp.
(formerly BBN Domain)

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