IMPORTANT support bulletins:

  • Updated Express: on January 24, 2023 an updated Express was released that extended the license expiration to 2024-01-31 and included all existing patches. Read about the details.
  • OpenSSL 3.0: support for OpenSSL was released as a patch to Allegro CL 10.1 in Sept 2021.
  • macOS users: a new Express version was released on Oct 10, 2021 which works with OpenSSL 3.0 and Macports. This version, like the previous one, does not rely on GTK or XQuartz. It solely uses the installed, default browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc).
  • macOS users: 32-bit Allegro CL is no longer supported on macOS. Catalina, Big Sur, and the upcoming Monterey, do not support 32-bit programs, so we have discontinued support for this product.
  • macOS users: Support for Apple Silicon (M1) in Allegro CL.
  • A new Allegro Common Lisp 10.1 Express license is available.

Support information:

  • General Questions and Comments: For non-technical questions and comments please send email to A Franz Inc. Product Application Manager will contact you promptly.
  • Reporting Problems: send bug reports and technical questions to See this for suggestions on making a bug report.
  • Documentation: Our product documentation is here.
  • FAQs: The list of Allegro CL frequently asked questions (FAQ) is here.
  • Product Patches: Franz Inc. regularly posts new product patches for customers to download. Patches are files containing a correction to a specified problem. For more information, see our patches page.
  • Operating System Specific Information: For information on newly released operating systems see our OS info page.

Emacs and the Emacs-Lisp interface

There is a general discussion of getting Emacs (particularly on Windows) and on using the interface here. See also eli.htm in the documentation.

Information on using Allegro CL with SLIME and quicklisp-slime-helper can be obtained here.

What's New

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