Allegro CL

Allegro CL ® is the most powerful dynamic object-oriented development system available today, and is especially suited to enterprise-wide, complex application development. Powered by Common Lisp, Allegro CL's true dynamic object technology allows developers to generate leading edge, mission-critical applications that are robust, extensible, and easy to evolve and deploy.

Allegro CL Description


AllegroCache TM Store billions of objects with a Persistent CLOS Object Database, featuring:
  • Dynamic Schema Evolution
  • Zero Impedance Mismatch
  • ACID Transactions
  • XML Data Archive
  • Native Btrees
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface
AllegoCache Description


Allegro Btrees® are useful for applications where you need a simple and efficient way of storing on disk and retrieving vast numbers of key/value pairs and where you want to retrieve the keys in order (using an ordering you can specify if desired).

Allegro Btrees Description

Allegro NFS for Windows

An NFS Server for Windows that runs on Windows XP and later.

Open Source Tools

Visit the Open Source Center for access to a variety of free Internet Application tools written in Common Lisp. Open Source Center
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