• NASA
    Application: Mars Pathfinder Mission's Planning System
    The Planner system helped Pathfinder scientists account for new data as it was transmitted from Mars by the Pathfinder spacecraft, and evolve their mission plans in real-time to optimize spacecraft operations. Not only was the system used pre-launch to plan out the activities of the spacecraft, but it was also used during mission operations, on each and every day of the Pathfinder mission. "Every day, we would plug in the activities planned for that day. Then, we would take the information we'd gathered on the previous day, input this data into the Planner, and see how the activities were affected. We'd make any necessary modifications, then spit out the new plan," Mittman explains.

  • Reasoning Systems, Inc.
    Application: Reasoning/2000
    Reasoning/2000TM system is a complex software analysis, reengineering, and transformation product uniquely equipped to handle the growing demand for automatically transforming billions of lines of code to ensure Year 2000 compliance.

  • Space Telescope Institute
    Application: Spike: Hubble Telescope Scheduling System
    Spike is an activity-oriented scheduling system developed at Space Telescope Institute for scheduling the Hubble Space Telescope. Advances in artificial intelligence research inspired the overall approach adopted in Spike. Spike also incorporates several novel features including an innovative constraint representation and reasoning mechanism, and a new type of search technique motivated by research on artificial neural networks. This new approach is intended to tackle the four notable features of spacecraft scheduling that make it a difficult problem: interacting constraints, uncertainty, optimization criteria, and search.

  • Wisdom Technologies, Inc.
    Application: CFO Stragegist
    CFO Strategist is a unique application that brings state-of-the-art expert system technology to the real-world financial problem of cash management. Designed by and for treasurers, CRESUS is the only cash management program which helps automate the financial corporate treasury decision-making process, saving time and money.

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