BOOMS Object Oriented Music System

The BOOMS system was developed as a general application framework for developing editors with support for a combination of structural and regular editing and support for end-user abstraction as a tool to define reusable functions without programming. The framework is implemented in CLOS (the Common Lisp Object System) and features a sophisticated Windows interface. Instantiating the framework to a specific editing domain is a simple task, due to the clean object-oriented design of the framework.

While the BOOMS framework is generic, it is most effective when instantiated to domains similar to music composition, where a user incrementally builds a structured object by using a restricted set of commands to combine smaller units into larger ones. The BOOMS framework was instantiated to three domains to illustrate the support an abstraction-enabled structural editor can provide to end users: music composition, arithmetic expressions and editing in a micro-world of colored cubes (GCalc).

BOOMS was developed by Eli Barzilay for his Masters Thesis while studying at Ben-Gurion University.

For additional information and to download BOOMS, see:

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