CFO Strategist

WISDOM Technologies Corporation was founded in 1996 by three researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's renowned Department of Computer Science. Using the dynamic objects technology of Allegro CL, Wisdom has developed CFO Strategist Finance, a unique application that brings state-of-the-art expert system technology to the real-world financial problem of cash management. Designed by and for treasurers, CFO Strategist Finance is the only cash management program which helps automate the financial corporate treasury decision-making process, saving companies time and money.

CFO Strategist Workflow

On a daily basis, corporate treasurers must assess the financial situation of the company, analyze possible investment or debt scenarios and choose the best set of transactions to ensure the right amount of cash is on-hand. Wisdom's product can quickly analyze an extensive range of possibilities and recommend the best course of action to minimize borrowing cost or maximize investment return over a selected time period.

The key benefits of CFO Strategist Finance include:

  • Increase in shareholder value due to higher investment returns and lower costs of borrowing
  • Increase in number of borrowing and investment strategies that can be evaluated each day
  • Opportunity to perform "what-if" analyses on short-term borrowings and investments
  • Maintenance and tracking of forecast, position and portfolio data
  • Automated compliance with company treasury policy

Why Allegro CL?

CFO Strategist Screen

Peter Shell, co-founder of Wisdom, credits Allegro CL with significantly speeding up the program's development cycle. "We were developing a new program that was not based on any existing algorithms. In this situation, prototyping was much easier using Allegro CL because of its interactive environment, rather than C where we would get bogged down by the details of memory management and such."

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