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LEORDO Computation Platform, the Distribution Version of the Leonardo System

Leordo is a relatively stable subset of the full Leonardo system. The Leonardo computation system is intended as a platform for applications that make use of a knowledgebase. Possible applications include:

  • Personal assistant systems that help their users to keep track of a miscellany of things of various kinds and to operate on this information
  • Knowledge-based autonomous agents
  • Semantic web systems
  • Tutorial systems for use in university courses in these areas

The user(s) communicate with the system in a variety of ways. In the computer host where the system executes, the operator can use a command-line window and a webpage interface in localhost mode, called the Session GUI. Remote users may use webpage interfaces, or use the facility for agent-to-agent communication. The system's knowledge representation language is used as a scripting language for defining the system behavior in all these cases.

Leordo and Leonardo are developed in the Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems Division (AIICS) of Linköping University. The main focus of interest for the AIICS division is artificial intelligence and its application to intelligent artifacts. Intelligent artifacts are defined as man-made physical systems containing computational equipment and software that provide them with capabilities for receiving and comprehending sensory data, for reasoning, and for rational action in their environment. Examples of such artifacts range from PDAs and software agents to ground and aerial robots (UAVs and UGVs). An equally important focus is the development of integrated systems which include hardware, software, sensors and human users.

Leonardo is implemented in Common Lisp so in order to use it you must have an implementation of Common Lisp on your computer. At present the Allegro Common Lisp (ACL) implementation and the CLisp implementation are supported: ACL for Windows and Linux systems, and CLisp for Linux. It is believed that only minor adjustments will be needed for running under Mac OS as well. To download the ACL Free Express Edition, see here.

In order to obtain your own copy of the Leonardo system, you need to download a Leonardo individual which you will personalize and register in order to make it your own. We recommend to start with an individual called Pawn-74 which is available for download in zip format from

To learn more about Leordo, visit the website at

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