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LOGOS - Management Instruments for Complex Cases

LOGOS creates transparency, helps to control risks, reduces legal fees and ensures quality. The application has been developed on the basis of state of the art server technologies. On the server side, the system is based on Allegro Common Lisp communicating with a MySQL database. The communication between client and server is done via HTTP. You can use LOGOS as an online service with secure transmission channels or install the server software locally on your network. In all cases, all of the users will be granted easy and remote access to the application and data. It enables individual persons or arbitrarily large teams to access a central knowledge base and to save expensive material procurement.

Sensitive contract data is stored in a secure location on the LOGOS platform. Encrypted data connections, state-of-the-art technical standards and comprehensive protection against breaches of confidence ensure the highest levels of data security. Furthermore, the LOGOS backup system and the automatic versioning and saving of changes ensure the best possible protection against data loss.

LOGOS is based on a simple visual structure that effectively links the data and functions to each other within a logical context. The result is a clear view of the overall situation for all of those involved in the decision-making process. Any changes in the facts or new information can always be flexibly integrated. Tree

The logical structure of LOGOS as a software platform also permits the set-up of customized management tools for different areas of application. A team of lawyers and technicians with extensive practical experience assist you in the successful set up and operation of individual solutions.

LOGOS can be customized for use in the widest range of application areas. LOGOS has repeatedly proven itself in the following areas, improving the probabilities of success, saving time and ensuring quality:

  • Contract Management Contracts constitute the basis for all forms of business, from the drafting and management of the contract all the way to claim management and a possible escalation phase - LOGOS creates transparency in the contracts for all the contractual parties, improves compliance with contracts and minimizes contract related administrative costs.
  • Litigation Support Whether in ordinary court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, mediation or other ADR cases - LOGOS helps in the development and refinement of the case strategy, as well as during the proceedings.
  • Compliance Legal assessments generally require qualified legal experts - LOGOS enables a certain level of semi-automation in the settlement of recurring legal and factual issues.
  • Industrial Legal Services The development of internal guidelines and compliance with external regulations result in considerable effort and cost - LOGOS consolidates and systematizes all the processes and procedures within the context of implementing guidelines and consequently ensures their application.

KnowledgeTools ensures faultless technical operation and also provides content-related support. KnowledgeTools was founded in 1995 by Prof. Stephan Breidenbach, Ph.D. in Frankfurt (Oder). Today, knowledgeTools has its registered seat in Berlin and is one of the pioneers in the field of IT-supported legal management systems in Europe.

For more information about LOGOS or KnowledgeTools International GmbH, send email to, or call +49 30 72 61 69 230.

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