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Lispix: Image Analysis (public domain, source code available)

Lispix is a public domain image analysis program for Microsoft Windows, written and maintained by David Bright. While including basic image processing functions found in NIH Image, ImageJ, and in some commercial programs, it features a collection of special purpose research tools for electron microscopy and spectral imaging at NIST.

In spite of that, many of the tools incorporated into Lispix have been useful for other researchers. Lispix is useful for processing and analyzing images, and stacks of images or data cubes. Image pixels can be bit, integer, real, complex and color.

Most of Lispix is written in Common Lisp. Windows specific code that is written in Allegro Common Lisp, is segregated into a separate folder, and is comparatively small. Lispix is designed to be portable – previous versions have also run on the Macintosh. Source code is available on request.

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