ODBMS.org article overview - "On data analytics for finance. Interview with RavenPack's Jason S.Cornez."

RavenPack is a leading provider of real-time news analysis services. Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analyzing large amounts of news content on more than 28,000 publicly traded companies across 80 countries.

Financial institutions use RavenPack's news analysis services to generate better returns by systematically incorporating the effects of news in their investment process. The company's clients include some of the best performing quantitative and algorithmic trading firms in the world.

Diverse types of organizations are incorporating automated news analysis into their decision-making process, from financial trading to risk management firms. Knowing that the vast majority of content is trapped within unstructured text, RavenPack unlocks actionable content from news for instantaneous delivery, whether to a group of analysts at a top global bank or directly into algorithmic trading systems.

The Benefits of RavenPack

  • Speed - Low latency text and sentiment analysis delivered as a real-time data feed
  • Superior Analysis - Multiple sentiment, relevance, and information novelty techniques provide more accuracy and flexibility
  • Market Moving Events - Over 300 event categories automatically detected by algorithms
  • Extensive Coverage - News analytics available on more than 28,000 publicly traded companies
  • Elementized Format - RavenPack makes every record 100% computer-readable, with analytics presented on a per-company basis
  • Back-testing data - Over 10 years of millisecond timestamped data for testing strategies

"Allegro Common Lisp is a powerful tool in our technology platform," says Jason Cornez, Chief Technology Officer at RavenPack. "Common Lisp has enabled us to successfully build a sophisticated system that pushes the state of the art in computer processing of unstructured news content."

"Our clients in the financial industry demand highly-available, low-latency data. Our systems run 24/7, producing real-time data in milliseconds. For more than seven years, RavenPack has relied on Allegro Common Lisp to help us achieve a tremendous level of uptime."

Financial firms are overloaded with information and have turned to computers to read news and other media. What would take days for an investment professional to read and interpret takes RavenPack computers only a few milliseconds. Now, financial institutions can react much faster to the ever-increasing amounts of news and information available for making investment decisions.

For more information, please visit Ravenpack on the web at http://www.ravenpack.com/.

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