2Is Inc.'s Operational Assessment Support Information System (OasisTM)

Oasis is an integrated logistics decision support and verification toolset/framework. Rapid exploration of part data is an essential benefit of Oasis. The information needed to make a decision assessment is one-click away due to an integrated logistics database and architecture: Oasis provides a Population explorer, NSN explorer, a Report Card, and an Expert system for finding and analyzing inventory management condition exceptions. The expert system is grounded in the specific rules and terminology of the DoD supply chain. The application is designed to enhance user operation by offering context-sensitive tool-tips and context-sensitive case studies, as well as on-line documentation in a comprehensive Help section.

Oasis Population Explorer

Oasis NSN Explorer

Oasis Expert System

Oasis supports collaboration between team members and/or functional groups by allowing National Stock Number (NSN) populations to be dynamically created and shared and then kept or deleted as analysis needs may arise. As a web-hosted application, the computational load on your desktop is minimal - requiring no downloading or access to local resources. And most importantly, Oasis is secure. Oasis is accessed through https. All passwords are stored in encrypted form and conform to the same rules as other DoD sites such as E-Mall.

A technical paper on Oasis was presented at the 2009 International Lisp Conference in Cambridge, MA. The copyright is retained by the authors/owners. pdf

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