Pandorabots Inc. is a company supporting the development and deployment of artificially intelligent chatbots. Pandorabots' chatbots engage clients in deeply interesting and user-driven experiences with the use of natural language and emotions. The newest chatbots are based on strong learning and reasoning technologies. Chatbots can be used in almost any application currently based on human interactions. Application areas for which Pandorabots have been successfully deployed include:

  • Voice-based device interaction
  • An entirely new approach to search technology
  • Create a virtual version of yourself
  • Game playing, virtual worlds and story telling
  • Interviewing and testing scenarios
  • Learning applications
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Sales
  • Virtual Personal Assistants

For additional information on these applications, see the Application Markets section of the Pandorabots website here.

Chatbots are developed and deployed on a web-based hosting service supplied by Pandorabots. Chatbots can also easily be moved to other kinds of devices (phones, kiosks, physical robots, toys, etc.).

Pandorabots has collected an enormous number of interactions (more than 1.4 billion) since inception, and has a very large corpus of knowledge about the types and most frequently encountered interactions in almost every subject field. This knowledge is used to facilitate specialized chatbot development.

For more information on Pandorabots Inc., including how to create your own chatbot, please visit

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