• Square USA Inc.: Phantom (Animation Production Management)
  • Naughty Dog Software
    Application: Crash Bandicoot Game System
    Crash Bandicoot is the latest game release from Naughty Dog Software, Universal City, CA. The game is a popular Sony Playstation release. Naughty Dog used Allegro CL for the character control portions of the game. The character control and AI written in Lisp enabled the development of over 500 different types of game objects, each with uniquely crafted and tuned gameplay and visual characteristics.

  • Nichimen Graphics
    Application: N-World
    Nintendo's highly successful game release for the Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64, was built using the N-World development tool suite from Nichimen Graphics Inc. Nichimen chose Allegro CL from Franz Inc. to develop its powerful N-World products.

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