NewSuperAgent is specialized to handle tasks related to EDSf axsRes airline reservation processes. However, the concept of screen-scraping and generating messages allows its use wherever repetitive tasks occur, particularly in a hosted mainframe environment.

SOME TASKS NEVER CHANGE. In every facet of our lives we are faced with tasks that repeat themselves day in, day out. NewSuperAgent screen-scrapes your applications for standard situations and generates the appropriate entries to solve the issue according to pre-defined rules, just like any human being would do. Only, NewSuperAgent does not sleep, never goes on vacation - and does not tire of doing the same job time and again.

EDS AIRLINE SOLUTIONS. As the air travel industry becomes increasingly fast paced and demanding, the challenges faced by airlines seemingly multiply in complexity every day. Our airline solutions have proven that they can well take on these challenges. They are high caliber solutions, which support the full range of airline operations with powerful software and qualitatively flawless system integration. New technology is linked to proven systems to achieve top results in todayfs world without exposing clients to the risks inherent to migrations.

FEATURES. NewSuperAgent is a collection of some 40 different modules, which are triggered by placements on airline reservation system queues, by expired time limits or by tapes. NewSuperAgent analyzes the situation and takes action as defined - sends warning messages, informs about changed status, cancels reservations, creates booking files and so forth. While each module has a defined function, numerous parameters allow customization of a module in various ways, thus allowing leveraged use of the same module by various clients and still reflecting client specific processes.

BENEFITS. NewSuperAgent enables our clients to concentrate on those tasks which cannot or should not be automated. The high performance and non-stop availability of the modules increase the speed of response to the customer as a result of more transactions being automatically processed with fewer pending for manual intervention. It also ensures maximum information relevance and accuracy within booking files and hosted applications as more actions and decisions are taken near-immediately without the elapsed time associated to manual processing. Quick development times make NewSuperAgent a low cost enhancement to any main frame application. Benefits are available quickly and its high flexibility keeps it in sync with the changing needs of your business.

EDS Develops NewSuperAgent with Allegro CL

Developed with Allegro Common Lisp, NewSuperAgent is configured as a Clustered Client/Server set up on Linux. Each of the 40 modules can be used independently. The system platforms are IBM clients and servers communicating over TCP/IP.

For additional details about NewSuperAgent, see here.

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