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Archived Webinars

Date Topic Panelists Slides Duration
6/22/2011 AllegroCache (and Lisp) - Driving Operational Support (OASIS) for the Department of Defense Glenn House, Jans Aasman here 52 min.
1/20/2011 Google AI Contest Winner Gabor Melis - Conversation and PresentationGabor Melis, Jans Aasman here, here 60 min.
7/28/2010 AllegroCache, An Introduction to Object Persistence in Lisp David Margolies here 48 min.
6/10/2010 The Object Editor Dialog, and Class-Grid Widget in Common Graphics David Margolies here 40 min.
4/22/2010 New features in Allegro CL's Common Graphics and the IDE David Margolies here 38 min.
2/25/2010 Allegro CL Source Code Stepper and Dialog Demonstration David Margolies here 37 min.
1/21/2010 Linked Data, Life Sciences, and RDF Stores - Exploration and Demonstration Jans Aasman here 35 min.
10/21/2009 Enhance Entity Extraction using an RDF Store Walter Pezzini, Jans Aasman here 49 min.
8/6/2009 Geospatial Reasoning for Moving Objects Jans Aasman here 36 min.
5/7/2009 Solving Scale and Reasoning in Large RDF Datasets Jans Aasman here 35 min.
3/5/2009 Optimizing SPARQL for Diverse Ontologies Jans Aasman here 36 min.
1/22/2009 New Advances in GeoTemporal Reasoning with AllegroGraph Jans Aasman here 44 min.
11/20/2008 Selecting the RIGHT Database for your Project Jans Aasman here 46 min.
10/9/2008 A New Python Client for AllegroGraph RDFStore Bob MacGregor tutorial 51 min.
8/08/2008 GeoTemporal Reasoning in a Web 3.0 World Jans Aasman here 46 min.
8/12/2008 Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon's EC2 Jans Aasman here 39 min.
5/7/2008 Social Network Analytics using an RDF Database Jans Aasman here 63 min.
2/21/2008 Querying Federated Knowledge for Web 3.0 Applications Gary King here 52 min.
7/16/2007 Scaling the Semantic Wall with AllegroGraph and TopBraid Composer Jans Aasman, Dean Allemang here 70 min.
7/11/2007 Practical Reasoning on a Web 3.0 Database Jans Aasman here 69 min.
6/7/2007 SPARQL Queries on a Web 3.0 Database Jans Aasman N/A 59 min.
4/11/2007 Understanding Web 3.0 Database Technology Jans Aasman N/A 131 min.

Past Conferences and Product Seminars

9th European Lisp Symposium - May 9-10, 2016 - Krakow, Poland

Franz' talk at the Lisp Meetup from November 7, 2015 - Detecting fraud, tracking criminals, and helping patients using Lisp

Franz Senior Scientist, Ahmon Dancy's presentation at the 2015 European Lisp Symposium - Escape from the Heap: Low-Level Programming in Common Lisp

European Lisp Symposium (ELS2015) - April 20-21, 2015 - Goldsmiths University, London, UK.

Join us at NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc. Conference on Nov. 21 - Tokyo Japan. Dr. Sheng-Chuan Wu presents "Separating the Reality from the Hypes of Big Data"

International Lisp Conference, 2014 - August 15-17, Montreal, Canada

ELS'14 - 7th European Lisp Symposium - May 5-6, IRCAM, Paris, France

Japan Lisp Seminar, November 21-22 in Tokyo - Day 1 , - Day 2

Audio recordings etc. from the European Lisp Symposium (ELS'13) - Madrid, June 2013

European Lisp Symposium (ELS'13) - Madrid, Spain - June 1-4

International Lisp Conference - Kyoto, Japan - October 21-24

5th European Lisp Conference - Zadar, Croatia - April 30 - May 1

Japan Lisp Seminar - Tokyo, November 17 - 18. Presentation slides now available.

European Common Lisp Meeting - Amsterdam, October 23, 2011

4th European Lisp Symposium - March 31 - April 1

Japan Lisp Seminar - Nov 18-19, - Tokyo, Japan. Presentation slides now available.

International Lisp Conference - October 19-21

Japan Lisp Seminar - September 21, Jans Aasman presents Lisp in AllegroGraph & Graphical Queries in Gruff

NYC Lisp User Group Meeting - September 21, Gary King presents the AllegroGraph RDF Store Internals at Google.

3rd European Lisp Symposium - May 6-7, 2010 - Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal.

Japan Lisp Seminar - November 19-20, 2009.

European Common Lisp Meeting - Hamburg, September 12-13, 2009.

San Francisco Bay Area Lispniks meeting at Franz in Oakland, July 19, 2009. Amit Rathore gave an introduction to Clojure, and Peter Seibel talked about the interviews from his new book Coders at Work.

6th European Lisp Workshop - July 06, 2009 - Genova, Italy.

2nd European Lisp Symposium 2009 - May 27-29, 2009 in Milan, Italy.

International Lisp Conference 2009 - March 22-25, 2009 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2008 Japan Lisp Seminar - November 13-14, 2008 in Shinjuku and Roppongi.

50th Birthday Celebration for Lisp - October 20, at OOPSLA 2008,

European Semantic Web Conference - Tenerife, June 1-5, 2008. Franz was a sponsor.

1st European Lisp Symposium - Bordeaux, France, May 22-23, 2008 . Franz was a sponsor.

Semantic Technologies Conference - San Jose, May 18-22, 2008. We gave 3 talks, sat on one panel, and released AllegroGraph 3.0.

European Common Lisp Meeting - Amsterdam, April 20, 2008. Franz was a sponsor.

The 2007 Semantic Technology Conference - May 20 - 24, 2007, Franz was there with talks and exhibiting the new AllegroGraph version 2.0! See here.

2007 International Lisp Conference - The venue will be Clare College in the historic centre of Cambridge, England. The conference will run from April 1st to 4th, 2007, ILC 07.

Japan Lisp Seminar - Join us November 20 - 22 for our annual Lisp seminar in Tokyo, Japan. This year's speakers include Carl Shapiro, Ralph Hodgson, Taiichi Yuasa, Shiro Kawai, Hisao Kuroda and many more, Japan Seminar.

European Common Lisp Meeting - April 30, 2006 - Edi Weitz and Arthur Lemmens are proud to announce this year's European Common Lisp Meeting will be held in Hamburg, Germany. Please reserve the weekend of April 29/30 in your agenda now!

Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music - Learn Lisp and create your own composition and analysis software at this summer's WACM, held annually at UC Santa Cruz.

Semantic Web Conference - Visit our booth at the 2006 Semantic Technology Conference, March 6-9 in San Jose to learn more about our RDF Triple Store solutions.

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