Recorded Webinar: SPARQL Queries on a Web 3.0 Database

June 7, 2007

The complex problems we face today involve knowledge and datasets growing in size at unprecedented rates. In government to identify threats, in finance to detect fraud, in e-commerce to provide contextual services according to individual profiles, in life sciences to discover new medicines from genome data, the problems we are trying to solve with computers are too complex to do with traditional database technology.

Metadata and Semantic Technologies are one of the exciting new ways to represent and retrieve your knowledge. Franz has developed a new product line designed to tackle large scale business problems today. At the heart of this package is AllegroGraph, the premier commercial scalable RDF triple store in the market today with advanced query and reasoning capabilities.

SPARQL is the W3C recommended query language for RDF. In our seminar we demonstrate how to load RDF and OWL knowledge bases into AllegroGraph and how queries are executed over the data with our optimized SPARQL engine. We'll also demonstrate geospatial, Prolog, and social network analysis queries on the same database. We will show how to interface with AllegroGraph through its Java API, and use TopBraid Composer as our ontology building tool and graphical interface to the triple store.

View a recording of the event here.

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