Recorded Webinar: A New Python Client for AllegroGraph RDFStore

October 9, 2008

The topic of this webinar is using a Python client interface to the AllegroGraph Server. Franz has now developed a full set of library calls for Python-based applications. This library enables Python users to experience the same convenience and power enjoyed by Java applications using the Sesame library to access AllegroGraph. The Python library mimics the API defined for Sesame, using similar method names and argument conventions. Thus, if you already have used the Sesame library, the Python library will seem like an old friend. However, we have also chosen to exploit Python features such as keyword arguments and iterator conventions that are absent in Java, resulting in a library with a genuine Python flavor. The webinar will take users through a series of examples that demonstrate the range of features now available to Python users.

View a recording of the event here.

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