SPARQL is the standard RDF query language. AllegroGraph provides full support for SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update. The documentation includes

SPARQL Reference
A reference for AllegroGraph's SPARQL implementation.
SPIN is a SPARQL representation for rules and constraints. This document describes AllegroGraph's spin implementation.
Magic Properties
A magic property is a SPARQL predicate that produces bindings using something other than simple sub-graph matching. This document describes AllegroGraph's magic properties and how they integrate SPARQL with freetext indexes, geospatial queries, temporal reasoning, Social Networking Analysis, and direct reification.
Lisp S-Expression Syntax
A description of the Lisp S-Expression syntax used by the SPARQL 1.1 query engine.
Geospatial Extensions
An overview of the SPARQL extension syntax for AllegroGraph's geospatial subsystem. SPARQL Geospatial Magic Properties provide another mechanism for interacting with geospatial data.
AGWebView SPARQL Tutorial
A SPARQL tutorial using AllegroGraph's WebView.
Release notes
Notes on the status of the SPARQL implementation.