The Rapper RDF Parser is a command-line utility that converts RDF data from one format to another.


The following example illustrates a typical user of rapper.

rapper -i rdfxml -o ntriples file.rdf > new-file.nt 

This example shows rapper ingesting an RDF/XML file and producing the corresponding N-Triples file. The N-Triples file would then be loaded into AllegroGraph.


For details of Rapper formats and command-line options, see the Rapper documentation page or type rapper -h at the command line.


We recommend pre-processing your data using Rapper in two specific situations:

If you are loading an RDF/XML file using the AllegroGraph Lisp client, you can use Rapper as an optional filter, making the conversion to N-Triples while the data is being loaded:

(load-rdf/xml <your-file> :use-rapper-p t) 

This is a dedicated RDF/XML to N-Triples conversion. The conversion pipes data from rapper directly into AllegroGraph, which avoids clutting your disk with converted files. See load-rdf/xml for more information.