AllegroGraph Free Server Edition Downloads

Things to know before you start...

  • Allegro CL Express users should read about using the Express Edition with AllegroGraph.
  • For system configuration guidelines, please refer to the AllegroGraph Perfomance Tuning page here.
  • The AllegroGraph Server runs natively on Linux x86-64 bit. The various clients run on assorted 32 and 64 bit platforms. For Linux, you will need to:
    • download and install AllegroGraph (Ubuntu - use tar.gz, Fedora - use .rpm or tar.gz),
    • download and install whichever of the associated clients you want; you need at least one client, but AGWebView, included with the AllegroGraph installation, turns a browser into a client.
  • Run AllegroGraph on Amazon's EC2 Service.
  • [Windows and Mac Users] To run AllegroGraph on other operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac) we suggest you set up a Linux Virtual Machine for non-performance experiments. We provide a Virtual Machine image to help facilitate this installation or you can create one on your own. To create the Virtual Machine using our image:
    • ensure you have x86-64 capable hardware (your native OS can be 32-bit),
    • download and install the VMware player for your operating system (links below), and
    • download and install the AllegroGraph Virtual Machine (more information).


AllegroGraph Server AllegroGraph Server Installation
AllegroGraph Clients AllegroGraph Clients Installation
Docker AllegroGraph ---- Instructions
AllegroGraph Virtual Machine (size: ~2 GB)
Installation -- be sure to read the important note about unzipping
VMware Players ---- ----
32/64-bit Windows VMware Player ----
32/64-bit Mac OS X (Intel) VMware Fusion ----

Archived versions

You can download archived versions here.

AllegroGraph 3.3

For system configuration guidelines, please refer to the AllegroGraph 3.3 Perfomance Tuning page here.

NOTE: AllegroGraph has been optimized for 64-bit operating systems, so for optimal performance we encourage you to download and install one of the 64-bit versions below. On 32-bit operating systems, variables such as the amount of memory and size of the string table will determine your ability to reach the maximum limit on this Free Edition.

Operating systemFileDocumentation
64-bit Windows agraph-fse-3.3-windows.64.exe  Installation
Windows agraph-fse-3.3-windows.exe  Installation
64-bit Linux (x86-64) agraph-fse-3.3-linuxamd64.64.tar.gz  Installation
64-bit Linux (x86-64) agraph-fse-3.3-1.x86_64.rpm  Installation
Linux (x86) agraph-fse-3.3-linux86.tar.gz  Installation
Linux (x86) agraph-fse-3.3-1.i386.rpm  Installation
64-bit Mac OS X (Intel) agraph-fse-3.3-macosx86-64.64.tar.gz  Installation
64-bit Mac OS X (Intel) agraph-fse-3.3-macosx86-64.64.dmg  Installation
Mac OS X (Intel) agraph-fse-3.3-macosx86.tar.gz  Installation
Mac OS X (Intel) agraph-fse-3.3-macosx86.dmg  Installation
64-bit Solaris (x86-64) agraph-fse-3.3-solarisamd64.64.tar.gz  Installation
FreeBSD agraph-fse-3.3-freebsd.tar.gz  Installation

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