Reporting Problems

For reporting technical problems and possible bugs, follow this procedure:

  1. Review our documentation and the ANSI CL Standard document (or Common Lisp: The Language, second edition) to first ensure that the problem is not addressed there. Non-conformance notes for Allegro CL are documented here.

  2. If the documentation cannot help you solve your problem, please collect as much of the following information as possible and email it to

    • a description of the problem,
    • which product and which version you are using,
    • what platform you are using,
    • a small self-contained example,
    • as many transcripts of the example as possible, and/or
    • a dribble-bug.

  3. If you prefer to contact us by phone, please call the main Franz Inc. number, 1-510-452-2000, and ask for technical support.

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