Allegro CL Free Express Edition Information

The latest Express version is 10.1

NOTE: The 10.1 Express was updated on 2023-01-24 to extend the expiration from 2023-01-31 to 2024-01-31. A new 11.0 Express should be out long before 2024. Downloads until mid-day on January 24, 2023 included a license that expired on 2023-1-31. If you downloaded your Express copy prior to January 24, 2021 and do not wish to download the new version, you can download the new devel.lic and replace your current file of the same name in the Allegro Express installation directory with this new version. The correctly updated file has these lines:

;; License created on January 17, 2023, 10:42:54.
;; Expiration date: 2024-1-31 00:00:00

The latest Express version can be downloaded from here.

Information on building case sensitive (aka Modern mode) images is here.

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