Lisp Programing Series - Level I
(Basic Lisp Essentials)

Designed for developers with little or no Lisp programming experience, this course provides an overview of Lisp and Allegro CL features:

  • Compiling and running code using the IDE
  • Coding styles in Lisp
  • List Functions and Uses of Lists
  • Property Lists and Symbols
  • And much more!
Course format: Three, two-hour weekly sessions. Includes lecture and homework assignments.


  • Programming experience in at least one other language
  • Installed copy of Allegro CL 6.2 (Trial version or higher)
  • Must have phone and internet access to participate


  • Regular - $199 (or $99 per individual session)
  • Student (limited spaces available) - $99 (or $49 per individual session)

Please note that all participants will be responsible for telephone toll charges incurred during each two-hour session.

To register for sessions mail

For information about the syllabus click here.

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