AllegroServe: Dynamic, Application Lisp Server

The demands users place on web-based applications are continuously growing and evolving, creating the need for fast, scalable and robust web-based programs. As the level of interaction and customization increases, tools that can support complex, full-service transactions will power the websites of the future.

AllegroServe makes generating dynamic interactive pages a reality, enabling developers to create a unique response for individual inquiry. Designed to work either on its own, or with other commercial web/app servers such as Apache, AllegroServe provides added power and intelligence to any web-based system.

Maximize Performance

  • Quickly web-enable existing applications
  • Generate complex web pages dynamically and automatically
  • Publish live and changing data on the web, while the application is running
  • Deliver applications to users of web browsers on many different platforms and in many different places
  • Build a standalone web server, or interface to Apache or other web servers with the ability to act as a proxy

Key Technical Features

  • Install/modify dynamic content generators on-the-fly
  • Serve whole directories of files
  • Self-configuring
  • Secure Sockets (SSL/TLS)
  • Access-control lists
  • Session support (cookies)
  • Support for Password Management
  • HTTP protocols 0.9 to 1.1 supported
  • Act as a proxy with cache
  • Virtual hosts
  • Webactions, a session-based framework for building web sites mixing static and dynamic content


AllegroServe is Open Source software available at

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