Licensing Allegro CL

Allegro CL Development licenses are designed to reflect the differing needs of academics, companies, and individuals. The Franz Software License Agreement governs the use of Allegro CL and is available for review by clicking here.

In some cases, end-users of Allegro CL may wish to distribute or deploy applications developed with Allegro CL. Commercial users who do so will require a deployment license. Specific guidelines on distributing Allegro CL-based applications are further defined in the Franz Software License Agreement.

We offer licensing agreements for both commercial and non-commercial endeavors. Please review the information below to determine which agreement best fits your needs:

A Commercial Environment is one where the Business or individuals are involved in commercial activities, and the software application is used in some way to support those activities.

A Non-Commercial Environment is one where the software application is used in a Research and Learning Environment, or in a Non-Commercial endeavor.

To learn more about Allegro CL licensing and pricing, please email or call (510) 452-2000.

Environment Definitions

Commercial Environment:

Non Commercial Environment:

  • Applications used for learning Allegro CL and Common Lisp.
  • Applications for which no payment will be received (and it is not provided as part of a services offering).
  • Franz-approved product evaluations of Allegro CL.
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