Integrated Development Environments

Allegro Integrated Development Environment for Windows, Linux, and Mac

The IDE is the Allegro CL Integrated Development Environment. It works in concert with a windowing system called Common Graphics. The IDE is available for Allegro CL's Microsoft Windows, on x86 Linux platforms running Allegro CL 8.0 or higher, and on the Mac running Allegro CL 8.2 or higher.

Allegro's IDE is a general environment for developing applications. Its wide variety of tool windows are "integrated" together by allowing you to invoke any tool on a Lisp object that appears in any other tool.


  • (New) Common Graphics Chart Widget. A new widget which draws charts. See cg-chart-widget.htm.
  • (New) Common Graphics Class-grid Widget. A new subclass of grid-widget which creates a grid with class slots as column heads and instances as rows. See class-grid.
  • (New) Object-editor dialog class
  • (New) Function pop-up-menus-for-many-sorted-choices takes a potentially huge list of pre-sorted choices and presents them to the user as a series of pop-up menus.
  • (New) Scrolling-static-text widget.
  • HTML Widget in Common Graphics -- Used by the IDE help facility for better integration
  • Lisp listeners for evaluating expressions on the fly, a code editor, and an object inspector.
  • Dialogs for tracing function calls, viewing the function stack, locating function definitions and strings, and browsing class hierarchies and methods.
  • An interactive dialog builder that generates the lisp code for creating an application dialog.
  • A project system for managing an application's files, testing the app within the IDE, and generating its standalone executable.
  • Handy help such as doc pages for every function and IDE tool, symbol completion and argument lists as you enter code, parenthesis matching and auto-indentation, and keyboard shortcuts for nearly all commands.
  • Documentation for Common Graphics and the IDE

Allegro Composer

Allegro Composer® is an interactive window-based program development environment for developing and debugging programs, and is available on UNIX and Linux systems.

Improved programmer productivity

By providing a tightly integrated set of development tools, and performance analysis tools, Allegro Composer helps improve the efficiency of code.


  • Grapher - includes commands to manipulate graphs to customize the information displayed.
  • Inspector - a general purpose, interactive tool for displaying and modifying Lisp objects.
  • Window debugger - displays a process' stack.
  • Window Profiler - displays a statistical dynamic call tree annotated with either time or space profiling information.
  • Cross Referencer - displays a call graph showing calls to or calls from a particular function.
  • Process Browser - provides commands to manipulate processes, including inspect, kill, arrest and unarrest.
  • Defsystem Browser - presents a list of the systems that have been defined, and provides commands to compile and load systems.

To order or to obtain more information on Allegro Composer, the IDE and the complete line of Allegro development and deployment products, please contact your account representative at:

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