Graphical User Interface Tools

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are central components of today's interactive applications. Allegro Common Lisp's GUI Suite provides tools for quickly and efficiently building powerful, reliable GUIs for both stand-alone Windows desktop applications and browser-based server applications.


A dynamic, high-performance, Lisp-based web server capable of interoperating with other web or application servers. Able to serve as a robust web user interface engine when added to an existing application.

  • Small footprint for easy loading of server code into any application
  • Automatic configuration for smooth server starts
  • Support for virtual hosts with independent logging per host
  • Support for Secure Sockets (SSL/TLS)
  • Ability to act as a proxy with cache
  • Support for International character sets
  • Easy data retrieval from multi-part forms
  • Transfer timeout mechanism for better handling of large files and slow connections
  • Apache .htaccess-like capability for publishing directory functions
  • Compatible with download accelerators

Allegro Webactions

A Web Application Framework on AllegroServe for building dynamic web applications that are easy to maintain and update.

  • Model-View-Controller paradigm for better web application organization
  • Automatic session and state support even with browser cookie disabled
  • CLP dynamic web page generation, separating HTML contents from program code

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Allegro CL's IDE on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms is a general environment for developing applications.

  • Object-editor dialog class
  • Function pop-up-menus-for-many-sorted-choices takes a potentially huge list of pre-sorted choices and presents them to the user as a series of pop-up menus.
  • Scrolling-static-text widget.
  • HTML Widget in Common Graphics -- Used by the IDE help facility for better integration
  • Lisp listeners for evaluating expressions on the fly, a code editor, and an object inspector
  • Dialogs for tracing function calls, viewing the function stack, locating function definitions and strings, and browsing class hierarchies and methods
  • An interactive dialog builder that generates the lisp code for creating an application dialog
  • A project system for managing an application's files, testing the app within the IDE, and generating its standalone executable
  • Handy help such as doc pages for every function and IDE tool, symbol completion and argument lists as you enter code, parenthesis matching and auto-indentation, and keyboard shortcuts for nearly all commands

IDE documentation is here.

Common Graphics

Common Graphics is a library of functions for writing windowized GUIs

  • Common Graphics Chart Widget. A new widget which draws charts is now available on platforms that support Common Graphics (Windows, Mac, and some Linux platforms). See cg-chart-widget.html.
  • Common Graphics Class-grid Widget. A new subclass of grid-widget which creates a grid with class slots as column heads and instances as rows. See class-grid.
  • Standard window hierarchies, graphics and event handling
  • High-level support for pixmaps, menus, icons, timers, tooltips, rubber-banding, hotspots, and custom mouse cursors
  • A variety of ready-to-use widgets and utility dialogs

Common Graphics documentation is here.

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