Allegro CL Free Express Edition Information

Users of Allegro CL 8.2 Free Express Edition should upgrade to version 9.0. To ease the transition, we are offering a license file with an extended expiration (until January 31, 2013).

1. Download and Install a new "devel.lic" file to an existing installation.

  • First delete the devel.lic in your existing Allegro CL Express directory. The default location on Windows is c:\acl82express.
  • Save the downloaded devel.lic to your existing Allegro CL Express directory.
  • Mac OS X and Windows can hide file extensions, so make sure you save the file with the correct extension. It should end in .lic and not .txt or .htm.
  • Once you have successfully added then new devel.lic you should now be able to start Allegro CL.

2. Download version 9.0 of Allegro Common Lisp Express Edition:

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