Allegro CL 10.0 Free Express Edition Downloads

NOTE: Express 9.0 users can download a license file extension, devel.lic, which expires on 2016-02-01. However, we hope you will upgrade to version 10.0 below!

Please contact if you would like to evaluate Allegro CL 9.0 SMP

For commercial support please email, or call us at +1(510) 452-2000, ext. 300.

64-bit Ubuntu 13 (or later) Users take note!

The Allegro CL Free Express Edition is a 32-bit application and it does not run on recent versions of 64-bit Ubuntu, because these versions have dropped 32-bit C library support. You need to download and install the 32-bit version of Ubuntu to run Allegro CL.



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OPTIONAL INFORMATION: if you provide valid contact details we will provide limited technical support for your Allegro CL Free Express Edition download.

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