Lisp Tools for Bioinformatics

BioDB-Loader is a toolkit created by Peter Karp of SRI for loading and querying databases. Built to work with the Allegro CL development environment, BioDB-Loader contains utilities for loading flatfiles from the Swiss-Prot, Prosite, Enzyme, EcoCyc, and MetaCyc databases.

The BioDB-Loader was developed to work with Allegro Common Lisp (ACL). It should run on any platform, but has been tested under ACL 5.0 and 5.0.1 on Solaris, and ACL 5.0.1 for Linux Trial Edition.

Click here to download BioDB-Loader (Make sure to save the file with a.tar.Z extension)

Using a Windows operating system? You may prefer to download a zip version of the toolkit.

Click here to download Allegro CL Trial Edition for Linux.

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