Modern mode for Allegro CL Free Express Edition

Some programs require a case sensitive Common Lisp. The Express Edition comes with an ANSI mode image (case insensitive upper), so if you need a case sensitive image, then you will need to build it.

There are two types of images you may want to create:

  • mlisp -- Modern base Lisp image, international (16-bit characters)
  • allegro -- Modern IDE image, international (16-bit characters)

Building a Modern mode image on Windows

To build one of the available above images, start up allegro-express.exe and evaluate one or more of the following forms in the Debug window:

;; mlisp:
  (build-lisp-image "sys:mlisp.dxl" :case-mode :case-sensitive-lower
                    :include-ide nil :restart-app-function nil
                    :restart-init-function nil)
  (when (probe-file "sys:mlisp.exe") (delete-file "sys:mlisp.exe"))
  (sys:copy-file "sys:allegro-express.exe" "sys:mlisp.exe"))

;; allegro:
  (build-lisp-image "sys:allegro.dxl" :case-mode :case-sensitive-lower)
  (when (probe-file "sys:allegro.exe") (delete-file "sys:allegro.exe"))
  (sys:copy-file "sys:allegro-express.exe" "sys:allegro.exe"))
Evaluating any of the above forms does not add a menu item to the Start Menu. To run the resulting image, you will need to run the executable created in each form, possibly creating a shortcut to it manually in the Windows explorer.

Building a Modern mode image on Linux, Mac OS X, and other UNIX systems

To build an mlisp (Modern, international) image, in this directory startup alisp and evaluate the following form at a prompt:

;; mlisp:
  (build-lisp-image "sys:mlisp.dxl" :case-mode :case-sensitive-lower
                    :include-ide nil :restart-app-function nil)
  (when (probe-file "sys:mlisp") (delete-file "sys:mlisp"))
  (sys:copy-file "sys:alisp" "sys:mlisp"))

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