AllegroCache Download Page

This download site is designed to provide Allegro CL AllegroCache users the opportunity to access new releases of AllegroCache. We intend to provide new features and updates frequently so be sure to check this site on a regular basis.

Please review the "Change Log" section below regarding incompatibilities prior to installation.

NOTE: if you need an update for a platform not listed below please contact for assistance.

Installation Instructions

The installation is actually quite simple and just takes a few minutes.

Step 1 only has to be done one time. After the first time, when you want to install new versions of AllegroCache, you can skip directly to step 2.

  1. [Skip this step if you already have Allegro CL installed.]
    Install Allegro Common Lisp, if you do not already have it installed. You can download Allegro CL here.
  2. Make sure you have all the latest patches to Allegro CL installed.
    This will download and install the latest available version of AllegroCache.
  3. Test the installation by evaluating one of the forms printed by this (what you would type is in bold):
    cl-user(1): (require :acache)
    ; Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/acache.001
    ;;; Installing acache patch, version 1.
    ; While evaluating #'(:top-level-form "" 234):
    Error: You have loaded the AllegroCache stub file.  To prevent problems
           with loading incompatible databases, you must load a specific
           version of AllegroCache.  The versions available in your
           installation are listed below, but later versions maybe be
           available for downloaded with system:update-allegro.
           To load AllegroCache, please use one of the following forms:
             (require :acache "acache-3.0.8.fasl")
             (require :acache "acache-3.0.7.fasl")
             (require :acache "acache-3.0.6.fasl")
             (require :acache "acache-3.0.5.fasl")
           For information on database version compatibility, please refer
           to the 'Version Compatibility' section below.
           For information on recent changes, please refer to the 'Changes'
           section below.
    ************ Version Compatibility:
    Version range:                    3.0.8 - 2.2.0
    read one version older database:  yes
    save/restore or recover-from-log: from 1.0.1 onward
    must rebuild:                     no
    client protocols:                 0-5
    server protocols:                 1-5
    ************ Changes:
    - no code changes, same as 3.0.7, except the stub file prints version
      and changelog information previously on the website
    - client/server expression cursor fix
    - the patch for 3.0.5 was really 3.0.4, on some platforms; fix this
      by bumping the version number and releasing a new patch on all
    Restart actions (select using :continue):
     0: retry the load of sys:;code;acache.fasl
     1: skip loading sys:;code;acache.fasl
     2: Return to Top Level (an "abort" restart).
     3: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.
    [1] cl-user(2): 
    Then, choose the version you would like to load and test that (what you would type is in bold):
    [1] cl-user(2): :res
    cl-user(3): (require :acache "acache-3.0.8.fasl")
    ; Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/acache-3.0.8.fasl
    ;   Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/smputil.001
    ;;; Installing smputil patch, version 1.
    ; Autoloading for package "regexp":
    ;   Fast loading from bundle code/regexp2-s.fasl.
    ; Autoloading for regexp::make-vm-closure:
    ;   Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/regexp2.fasl
    ;     Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/yacc.fasl
    ;;; Installing acache-3.0.8 patch, version 0.
    ;   Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/osi.003
    ;;; Installing osi patch, version 3.
    ;     Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/fileutil.001
    ;;; Installing fileutil patch, version 1.
    ;     Fast loading from bundle code/acldns.fasl.
    ;     Fast loading from bundle code/iodefs.fasl.
    ;       Fast loading from bundle code/iordefs.fasl.
    ;         Fast loading from bundle code/efmacs.fasl.
    ;; Autoloading locale from #P"/net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/locales/en_US"
    ;   Autoloading for load-localedef:
    ;     Fast loading from bundle code/locale.fasl.
    AllegroCache version 3.0.8
    ;   Fast loading /net/quadra/acl/10.0/bin/linux86/code/sax.002
    ;;; Installing sax patch, version 2.
    ;     Fast loading from bundle code/ef-e-anynl.fasl.
    ;       Fast loading from bundle code/ef-e-crlf.fasl.
    ;       Fast loading from bundle code/ef-e-cr.fasl.
    ; Autoloading for package "top-level.debug":
    ;   Fast loading from bundle code/autozoom.fasl.
    The important part is the lack of the word Error appearing anywhere in the output.

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