Produce a SHACL validation report for a set of nodes in the dataGraph dataGraph. E.g.,

construct {
?s ?p ?o
} where {
bind(<>(:shape1, :shape2) as ?shapes)
bind(<>(:node1, :node2, :node3) as ?shapes)
(?s ?p ?o) <>
(:dataGraph ?shapes ?nodes)

dataGraph can be an IRI, the literal 'default',` or a variable that is bound to a SPARQL collection (list or set) that was previously created with a function like or

The example query would validate the three nodes :node1, :node2, and :node3 against the two shapes :shape1 and :shape2. The shapesGraph is assumed to be the dataGraph. See shaclShapeValidationReport2 if you need to specify a different shapesGraph.


The following namespace abbreviations are used:

The SPARQL magic properties reference has additional information on using AllegroGraph magic properties and functions.