Produce a SHACL validation report for a collection of nodes in dataGraph.


construct {
?s ?p ?o
} where {
bind(<>(:node1, :node2) as ?nodes)
(?s ?p ?o) <>
(:dataGraph ?nodes) .

dataGraph can be an IRI, the literal 'default',` or a variable that is bound to a SPARQL collection (list or set) that was previously created with a function like or

The shapesGraph is assumed to be the dataGraph.

The example query would validate the two nodes :node1 and :node2 against all the shapes in the shapes in the shapesGraph. See shaclFocusNodeValidationReport2 to specify the shapesGraph and shaclShapeValidationReport1 and shaclShapeValidationReport2 to specify individual shapes.


The following namespace abbreviations are used:

The SPARQL magic properties reference has additional information on using AllegroGraph magic properties and functions.